• Sell a variety of vending machines, such as laundry vending machine, tissue vending machine, face mask vending machine and coin exchange machine
  • Offer on-site installation, warranty and after-sales service
  • Product appearance, mechanism, controller and payment system development and design
  • Add and Integrate new features to the original products
  • Self-service payment system, stored-value card system, online membership system, multi-payment system
  • Product appearance, mechanism, circuit and firmware development and design
  • Upgrade the device to connect the internet and have remote monitoring and control system



  • Remote monitoring system for vending machine
  • Device status checking and problem-solving in time service

  • Wholesale and retail the tissue and face mask

  • Equipment design, manufacture, production, installation and maintenance
  • A variety of chassis and vending machine, such as warm food vending machine, cell phone charging station, multimedia vending machine and copier payment kiosk

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